Perpetual Decor Lighting! So many colors to choose from and now you can have them all!

The LED Lighting System that Perpetual Decor offers is a permanently installed architectural LED lighting system that provides discreet forward facing and color-changing linear lighting. During the day, the product looks like decorative molding and at night the LED lighting scheme can match a traditional holiday lighting aesthetic or you can choose from 33 color-changing lighting themes at the touch of a button.

This unique and proprietary color-changing technology from a US based company makes it easy to select static colors or color-changing scenes. The lights are perfect as permanent Christmas lights, and can be used for many other applications. The technology allows you to customize colors, timer options, and program light sequences year-round. Our high-tech control solutions range from localized, on-site controllers to cloud-based solutions controlled from your computer or mobile device.

This architectural accent lighting system is weatherproof and permanent, which means you won’t have to spend time hanging exterior lights ever again. The cost-saving LED lights are housed inside a decorative molding that blends in with the architecture of your home or building. The lights are barely visible during the day.

  • 33 colors and color changing scenes
  • Three intensities of white
  • Control brightness
  • Control speed of color changing
  • Color-Changing to fit any occasion
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 200 feet of light uses only one light bulb worth of electricity (60w)
  • LED’s with 50,000 hours of life expectancy
  • One Time Easy Installation
  • Easy LED replacement (if they ever go out)
  • Low Voltage Lighting System
  • Customizable Installation
  • Plug and Play Design
  • Removable Lid to Access LED Strips
  • Capital Improvement
  • Weatherproof Screw Connections